couple-feet-get-groundedWow! Can you ground yourself that fast?  Is this really possible?  Well, yes, BUT you DO have to follow some very basic steps to being grounded AND shift your focus.  You see, being grounded is really about setting an intention and finding a focus. Once you set yourself up for it, grounding happens even in 10 seconds, but I did not think you would believe me so I suggested 30!

Step 1 . “Just Breathe” as the song goes by Faith Hill, BUT it IS a bit different.  You want to breathe with lungs and down through your diaphragm s and take LONG breaths, inhaling and exhaling to the count of 4 in, 4 out .  LISTEN to yourself breathe.  FOCUS on the breathing in and the breathing out-nothing else!

Step 2. Allow your thoughts to hook onto imaginary puffy white clouds passing over your head.  If I tell you NOT to think, it would be virtually impossible because thought is constant.  BUT you can shift your thoughts to a lesser focus (focusing on breath) and allow the freedom from this lack of focus be your predominant vibration.

Step 3.  Imagine  a white light of energy starting at your head and slowly moving through your body, connecting with your spinal column and moving down to your feet through your nervous system. Feel your body tingle as the energy moves through your system.

NOW it has been about ten minutes and you  feel SO MUCH BETTER!  Take a HUGE deep breath and focus on the moment.  Let out your breath and start the next moment with intention for your next step in your day.

Do As One Website for MeditationIf you are looking for a great website & app that has timers and visuals to breathe and assist with meditation – check them out here: Do As One

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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