Intentions…what is up with that? We hear that we should “set an intention”. We ALWAYS discuss intentions before our
healing sessions. Wayne Dyer wrote “The Power of Intention” to help us understand the significance. So, why the focus on intention?

Funny that I would say focus. Intention IS focus. Yeah! We figured it out. Is it really that easy? Well, the thing is Intention is the beginning of Creation. Yep, folks. If we first set up our desire and BE VERY CLEAR about it, then start with a clear focus, we can move into the vibration of creating what we want. Actually, we are already there, we just have to now bring positive thought and inspired action into the mix.

Roseanne D'Erasmo Script, author, energy healer, teacher, healing touch practitionerThe trouble we have, being human, is that we tend to focus on the things that hamper us, rather that than the things that bring us joy and will create for us! Creation, or manifestation, occurs as we add FEELING to our intention and ALLOW what happens to move into our conscious reality.

So, as we move into 2017, set an intention, color it with FUN and the FEELING that goes with the outcome and get ready for inspiration to action. Your inspirations will come as you stay aligned with clarity , joy, fun, exuberance and gratitude. Let’s move into receptivity together and look forward to an amazing 2017. ‘Til the next time. Rosie

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