Fall Leaves Change of Season - Change is Good
Rosie explores how change is all around during the fall. We can look at change as a catalyst to helping ourselves make room for the next great event!

Fall Leaves Change of Season - Change is GoodThis is the time of year for change. The leaves are changing, the weather is changing and our focus has moved to end of the year projects.  It is a time that we naturally allow our energies shift to self-reflection and the “funtastic” holiday season to come upon us.

So how is change good for us? Well, living in Western NY, the glorious color of our leaves gives us pause for  appreciation. Oh, we are SO lucky. AND things like dumpsters fill yards, streets get repaved and we start to hunker down (at least in the Northern part of the world), snuggling under blankets and near fireplaces, appreciating the changing temperatures and new ways to feel warm.

Western NY Change of Season Fall WeatherAh, changing. Changing comforters, changing decorations, changing meals (soups are awesome), changing our outlook.  Yes, it IS the time of year where we look at how things have been, shift them around a bit and make way for something new and different.  Change is okay folks. It allows us to grow, bringing in just the right amount of contrast to help us see things in a new light. So, happy fall and enjoy the changing world around you!

‘Til the next time, Rosie

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