Why does stuff happen?  Some days, tough shifts happen all day long day. Here’s one: My dog has tremors and shakes and has to go to ER and I am told to consider “compassionate euthanasia”.  Boyfriend quits job. A close friend’s daughter goes into early labor alone at the hospital.  Sister runs to her aid only to have the car break down. Boyfriend offers, waiting by side of the road for AAA, with no A/C , 87 degrees and youngest sister (11) pitches a fit about not going to hospital.  The printer jams and a tooth comes out. All in a day.

So there’s the old adage “Go with the Flow” but this is more like the “Jumping out of the airplane with no parachute-it’ll be over fast”  adage. Then you can get back into the stream of life.  The challenge is to stay in your “center” despite the shifts in your world. Hard? You betcha! But considering the alternative of NOT going with the shifts and allowing more resistance in, just chalk it up to a  “bad mojo”  day and taking a “things are working out and improving” attitude  that  shifts us into a more positive outcome.

Truly, the Pollyanna type person, of whom I am one, may get clobbered by the person in the middle of their muck. So, we can just offer a suggestion of the light at the end of the tunnel and then let it go,  knowing the shifts fall where they may (teehee). After all, shifts happen (another teehee).

‘Til the next time, Rosie

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