Florida SunsetHave you ever thought without limits? Have you had desires that you just shoved under a box, thinking ,”Oh, really? How could I ever?” I am ready to share with you the concept of NOT putting limits on your own thinking.  We are products of our upbringing-our journeys of learning reflect what we have been told and what we accept and allow into our thinking.

But what if you broke your own thought barrier?  What if you allowed yourself to go to a place that seemed beyond reach but somehow was in your realm?  How would you get to a place that was beyond your limit or even limitless?

There a saying: ” You can’t get there from here.”  What that means is you need to move in incremental steps of positivity to move toward an idea , emotion or thought you have.  And these increments need to feel doable and acceptable to your brain and emotions otherwise, you will reject them. Then you do it again and again, and again. in small chunks,until those chunks get bigger and soon you have moved beyond what you even set as your limit.

Ask and it is Given by Ester and Abraham HicksThere’s a great book “Ask and It is Given” which details terrific brain exercises to help you love in the direction of your dreams.  I , for one, tend to err on the side of being positive and think about my days in terms of the joy that exists not only for me but for family, friends and even those coming for healing.

So, let yourself dream and dream BIG.  Then bring emotion to that dream.  See how it feels. Be limitless in your thinking . Then go for it in small chunks. Allow yourself to see the BIG picture. Think about it and FEEL it. Send it out, ask and stay in your FUN place to receive answers so you can start acting with right action or Divine Guidance if you will. Get started on your limitless journey. Life is supposed to be fun, so hop on for the ride.

‘Til the next time. Rosie

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