The last couple of days a few things have happened that have made me feel like I am totally out of rhythm.  YET I am REALLY  meditating and going within and focusing on the good things in life. So what’s up with my rhythm?

So, here’s what happened.  I have a garbage can that lost a lid and needs replacement. Garbage folks came and left the can empty-soon to be replaced. Yet, a neighbor dropped a stinky smelly rug in my non-functioning can.  Ugh! THEN, I got canceled for a great evening out that I was truly looking forward to. OH NO!

So, what did I do with these events? Well, I kinda yelled at the universe about the garbage and then chalked it up to a simple annoyance in life. Not a bigee-but I hollered out  to no one in particular that I love a clean can-no pun intended!

Then I created a new night out. I had so much fun and actually spoke with folks who seemed to “get me” and my “rose-colored glasses and colored rainbows” view of life, while listening to a terrific band.

I felt better. And I still felt ok about me, which essentially means that I could rise above the rhythm of what had happened and go to a different place of better well-being and understanding or in other words, change my vibration.

So, the ol’ “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” adage really does work as does “find the silver lining”.  I really think it ends up being about how you feel about YOURSELF.  And my friends, this is NOT a selfish thing.  It is truly about finding that spark within,  in spite of some contrast that may prop up in life-simple annoyances,  broken promises or broken relationships.  YOU still need to be okay with you. Be in the rhythm of “the flow” and flow downstream without a care.

On that note, signing off!  ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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