Florida Sunset

Florida Sunset

This “focus”  may be different from what you expect. You see,  it is knowing what is important  that is key.   Trust the Universe to yield back what is good for you.   But you must first line up with it and BE that in your own life.  So what is important to you in relationships,  in your career, your family, your daily life? Figure it out for a moment. THEN find something, ANYTHING in that moment that is a fun feeling, a happy feeling and really go with it.

Next, find something to  focus on in appreciation.  Now,  this can be as general as a a sunny day, a beautiful flower, a baby’s smile or an accomplishment.    The more you appreciate-the more you will  find to appreciate.   Appreciation is a very high vibration.  Maintaining a high vibrational level no matter what the conditions are is key to having your focus result with an improved change in your life.  Greater appreciation brings more to appreciate. Yeah!

Focus  on  the vibrational essence, the feeling and perceived result rather than the existing condition. This is the most important part of creating an improved result, or changing your focus.     If you keep going to existing conditions, the existing conditions remain (and yet this is what most of us do…) So  what is really important is to go to the essence or FEELING  and trust.  It is like trusting that the sun comes up or trusting that there is enough air to breathe.

Now how do you remain in that vibration?  It is  through looking at the positive aspects of the people in your life, your daily events, your occupations or studies. Make a list of these and keep it going.  Also, meditation is key to helping you stay in that place of joy.  Quiet yourself and go within as you breathe deeply and focus on nothing in particular and your breath itself.  The more relaxed you are the more easily it comes, the more easily you find your “happy” the more connected you are to fun.

When you awaken, hold a joyful thought for 17 seconds. Then try another.  as they coneect, they grow,  and grow.  and grow as you  will be more prepared, grounded and set for your day.  You also do not really need to share your focus with your friends until you are sure how you feel about it.   It is the FEELING that is key and alters the results.

You can focus on feeling of well-being-of being happy. This is alignment. Focus on feeling good no matter what is happening around you, find that good place no matter what the conditions are. If you have had some troubles (which we all do-honestly-I get that) know that they will flow but shift to something COMPLETELY off topic to get you back to the good feeling place-like butterflies or feathers or crystals or snowflakes.  Let THAT be your focus and the rest of your day-moments-relationships start to fall into place  with ease and grace . Try it!

Til the next time-Rosie