Chakras Teacher Kids I AM a Rainbow Roseanne Script Children Book Photo Can we help balance the energy of children? Absolutely! Today I had the pleasure of helping a four year old learn about balancing and centering. He was amazing. We discussed breath first and he practiced making a buddha belly as he breathed in and he pushed his belly back towards his spine as he breathed out.

We opened up I AM a Rainbow and referred to the picture with all the chakras and I AM Within, referring to the picture of the light within.  Then we went up to the healing table.  I assessed his chakras and auric layers as we moved into energy balancing.

After we both focused on white light,  we worked with the different chakras and their corresponding colors and he focused on breath.  I asked him what he saw that was different colors and he said,”Balloons” . “How perfect!”  I thought.

Kids can have fun with balloons learning chakrasAs we traveled up the chakras, bringing color and clearing for balancing, this lovely child shared the balloons he was seeing  in his imagination.  He even brought in the people who were invited to carry the balloons in a park  setting.   This child completely guided me as together we brought balance to his aura, giving him a tool to help when life becomes challenging or fearful (which happens to our children, unfortunately).  Gladly, we have the tools to help.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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