I AM A Rainbow



I AM a Rainbow
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ISBN: 978-1-45674-358-1

This beautifully illustrated book captures the essence of the energetic field in a simple manner. We each have energy centers, or Chakras  within and around us. You will learn about each energy point with the help of Joey and Marissa as they journey through gardens of color with their teacher.

Designed as a shared-reading text for children/parents/teachers, I AM a Rainbow would be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in learning about the human energy field ages 7-99! It opens the door to our centers.  It is Roseanne’s intention to provide a format about energy points, also called Chakras  that is easily understood by those who enter the gardens of color.

An excerpt…

On a beautiful summer evening, Joey, Marissa and their teacher walked along to the gardens of the Western land. The setting sun turned the sky a glorious red hue. Ahead of them glistened strawberries, apples, cherries, watermelons and red roses, a vision of red. Bees buzzed happily around the flowers.

I am a rainbow
The teacher turned to the children and asked, “Did you know that you have a rainbow within you? Every color is there.

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