Dr. Joe DiSpenza, Thinker Extraordinaire

Becoming Supernatural book by Joe DispenzaDr. Joe DiSpenza?  Who is HE? Why would you want to know? Well, a  few years ago in 2018 one of my clients handed me a book called Becoming Supernatural, by  Dr. Joe DiSpenza. I paged through it, noticed some diagrams that I recognized as physics and thought,” Oh boy – this is too hard for me.” I accepted the gift, and set it down. As the universe flows, in a few months  I was compelled to pick it up and start reading. Low and behold a DOCTOR was giving IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of the connections of ENERGY WORK and HEALING THE BODY, MIND, SPIRIT! Holy Moly! That is what I do!  But my work is with Healing Touch, Theta Healing or Reiki.  I was so excited. We are of similar thought!

THEN at one of my Theta Healing classes, a student shared her study group book as Becoming Supernatural AND another student recommend the GAIA Channel (like Netflix for Conscious Media and other programming) where Dr. Joe has a series called Rewired which is all about the brain-energy-heart- energy biofield research that he has been completing for over ten years. He is joined on  this channel with other great teachers like Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. Oh! Have I been having fun!

I want to share it with you and you can also go to my youtube channel and see some of Dr. Joe’s presentations. You see, he was in an accident and had a back injury, which could have left him paralyzed. Surgery was expected. But he truly believed there was another way of overcoming his predicament and potentially devastating outcome. So he studied, and he learned.  Eventually, Dr. Joe  (Chiropractor, studied neuroscience and epigenetics) created enough data to support his theories and started applying meditation, breath work, belief work and physics to create a dramatic change in his biofield and his life. And so-he walked!

He has written several books explaining his journey and sharing his data. He gives presentations around the globe about the human biofield and how we can accomplish greatness, change our lives and live a happier, healthier version of ourselves.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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