Instructional Guide to I AM a Rainbow, I AM Within and I AM Healer

Instructional Guide to I AM a Rainbow I AM Within and I AM Healer - Roseanne ScriptThis one-of-a-kind instructional guide provides simple exercises, day-to-day lessons, and interactive lessons for the purpose of learning about chakras, meditation and biofield energy healing. The guide empowers teachers, parents, children and their caregivers by teaching an alternative approach for balancing energy, releasing stress and promoting relaxation.


This collection of interactive and easy to follow exercises presents what is often considered esoteric information, in a down to earth, clear and comprehensive way. The workbook makes learning chakra systems, the basics of energy healing, and meditation for children and families fun and easy.

This invaluable resource was designed to accompany the books: I AM a Rainbow, I AM Within and I AM Healer, all referenced in the guide. These lessons are essential for learning and teaching mindfulness skills to create balance.  The activities and coloring sheets included will introduce chakras and meditation to children. Practice and experience energy healing with me as we follow engaging action steps covered in my books.

I have made learning and teaching chakras, meditation and energy healing fun for teachers, students, families and others who are on the path of learning about biofields. You can find the accompanying books used with this guide: I AM a Rainbow, I AM Within, and I AM Healer right here on my site under books!

Join the fun. Imagine the shift in consciousness in our world when our children meditate regularly! You can learn right along with them.