• Why am I Teaching and Practicing Energy Healing and Meditation? 

There I was, a Mom (now Grammy), Reading Teacher and now Energy Healer!  As I learned how energy healing helped my clients I literally felt compelled to “SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD”.  It was like I was being pushed by the angels  and my higher self! Ergo, my books, classes, practice sessions and healings were born.

You see, my clients come to me either with a health or emotional issue. After a brief intake, we determine the goal for a session. Next, we meditate together and will choose to work with ThetaHealing or HealingTouch or Reiki or a combination, depending on our goals. When getting to this point, the energy in the room has already shifted to move into the work of potential, possibility and solution. Then the energy work for which I have trained since 1998 begins.

The shifts in my clients has been profound. People have said they felt “on track”, “empowered”, “miraculously light”; just to name a few.  We schedule a time to return, which is entirely up to the client. Some people like weekly, bimonthly, monthly sessions. Some have one issue and feel that the help was received and they are completed.

When I saw the tremendous shifts in my clients, I knew I had to find a way to reach children and families.  I HAD to empower the adults with knowledge AND find a simple delivery system about  chakras, meditation and energy healing that works.  Published from 2011-2017, I created books for families, teachers and  children;  I AM a Rainbow, I AM Within, I AM Healer, now with their very own Instructional Guide 2020 so parents and teachers can have help!

AND I empowered adults who want to learn the basics for their own personal growth or to share with others with Feel Good Now complete with a Reflection Guide to integrate the material. That will help you personally AND help you in your background knowledge to teach your children.  I am SHOUTING it out to all those interested. Imagine the profound change in our Earthly home as our parents, teachers, children and adults all learn about the vibrations of chakras, meditation and energy work. Life-changing no doubt!

“Til the next time-Rosie