Why use I AM?  Why create an Energy Trilogy of books? Why Healing? What prompted you?

Roseanne D'Erasmo Script Energy Healing Book TrilogyWhy a Trilogy? Well, though each book is not dependent upon the previous, they are all interconnected in that the concepts are necessary in the  learning of energy work.  Following the model of how I was instructed, I started with chakras in I AM a Rainbow, moved to meditation in I AM Within and concluded with actual energy healing awakening in I AM Healer. For indeed, we are energy within these beautiful bodies and when we connect with our inner selves, we awaken great natural abilities to help ourselves simply “do better” in the world. And who wouldn’t want that?

Why I AM? Was that intentional? Of course it was! We are all a spark of the “All That Is” energy, give it any name you like. It is who we are. We are interconnected through this loving energy and we can use it to help ourselves co-create AMAZING realities as we walk through life.My option is to share our ability to experience healing.  So, yes, quite intentional.

Stop by Amazon.com and take a peek at the books to see how you might use them in your life to help you, your family, your schools, your yoga classes, your meditation and mindfulness groups, your healing classes, your health institutions  do better in life. Soon, I will post about each book and how you can use them with your groups, children or clients.

Till the next time, Rosie.