The Throat Chakra with its color Blue

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The Fifth Energy Center or the Throat Chakra

The color of the throat chakra is blue. It is all about communication, both written and oral and vibration. It is about speaking your truth, listening and truly hearing what another is saying.


What body parts are associated with the Throat Chakra?

Along with the throat and vocal cords, the ears and upper bronchial tubes and upper lungs are governed by the throat chakra. Troubles in your neck, shoulders, mouth or jaw can also find an origin here. The glands that are controlled by the throat  are the thyroid and parathyroid.

How can the Throat Chakra help myself in my life?

You can use a journal to express yourself in a peaceful and calm manner. You can ask yourself about and reflect upon the styles of communication in your family and among your friends. You can take the time to listen to those you love and talk to them. You can ask to be heard so you feel the respect of others.  This is how you use the throat chakra in meaningful ways.

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How Can the Blue  of the Throat Chakra Help Me?

Surrounding yourself with the color blue helps you with your creative expression, whether through your voice or pen.  It helps you express your truth, clear your lungs and balance your thyroid. Play lovely music as you bring blue to mind. Try Flotations by Matt Script for beautiful guitar melodies. Check them out right on my website.

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