The Sixth Chakra, The Brow

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The Sixth Chakra, The Brow

The color of the sixth chakra is indigo. It is all about intuition, compassion, wisdom.  When you are dreaming and using your imagination, you are working with the sixth chakra.  Your intuition resides here. Having an instinctive feeling about someone or something is activating this center.   The color is beautiful indigo.

What body parts are associated with the Sixth Chakra Brow?

Your pituitary gland governs the sixth chakra and it is associated with your left eye, lower brain, nose and central nervous system.

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What can I do to help myself in life?

Since the sixth chakra is the area of perceptions, you can ask to see life clearly, visualizing your situation in a universal way. Asking for inspirations, generating from the wisdom of experience is so helpful.

How Can Indigo Help Me?

Surrounding yourself with the color indigo helps the seed of an idea take shape. It helps empower attitudes and overall character of the rational mind. Look up at the night sky, just before it turns dark to surround yourself with the color indigo. Breathe it in with stillness, noticing how you feel and remaining open to your imagination.

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