Using Books to Teach Chakras to Children

This is for all you who want to teach chakras to children or share a message with your family members or as yoga teacher or counselor. Because to teach chakras is to enlighten your learners.   Of course, reading the books is fine, but better yet, DO the actions. When the teacher in the book  explains the red chakra, have your learners hold their hands on the root at the base of the spine and imagine the colors-or even just imagine the picture that is right there for you! Perfect! Easy!

root, red, grounded,baseAs you explore the chakras with your learners, bring energy to each center by setting the intention and using color. You can even think about what qualities coincide with each chakra. For example the root chakra is in charge of a sense of security, well-being, safety.  It is the feeling of being grounded or having your feet firmly planted in the ground.

Solar Plexus; yellow

The third chakra is governed by the color yellow is about your self worth, personal power and is connected to your stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and liver.

Let’s look at another-how about the solar plexus or the tummy? Its color is yellow. You can use the books’ watercolor illustration to help lead a meditation in yellow. You can also find the words that are the attributes such as personal power.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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