Energy Healing for Family Books’ Inspiration

Healing energy example of children WORKING WITH ENERGY
Why, it’s YOU! Yes, my lovely clients who received energy healing treatments through me, that gave me the inspiration to write my books about energy healing for families. YOU said to me, “Oh, Roseanne, how can I bottle you?” I laughed, thinking of a Genie in a bottle-but soon thought, why not? Perhaps I can help others by creating books that are ready to be shared by family, teachers and newcomers to energy healing, chakras and meditation. And so the journey began. bookmark OF ENERGY CENTERS or Chakras

That was 2003, and now it is 2014 and the Energy Trilogy is available to families, teachers, practitioners of healing modalities and those new to the concept of the human biofield. What a joy it has been to see the look on my readers’ faces as they try out the techniques presented in my books! That alone can bring me much happiness, but it has been so much fun talking to folks about the books as we ALL learn to be sensitive to our own energetic abilities.

So, thank you for taking a moment to find out about me. Stop by or check out my blogs about the chakras.

All this from a simple request,”How can I bottle you?” It simply never left me.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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