The Seventh Chakra, the Crown

Purple color from I AM a Rainbow

Purple color from I AM a Rainbow

       The Seventh Chakra or Energy Center, The Crown

The color of this center is  purple and it is located at the crown or top of the head. It is all about higher consciousness and connection to source energy.  When you are connecting with thought, higher information and consciousness you are connecting with this chakra.  It is a space of pure awareness. A balanced crown leads you to a profound awakening, like the lotus blossom when it opens.

What body parts are associated with the Crown?

Your endocrine system  governs this area, especially the pineal gland  and it is associated with your head and brain and forehead.


Activate your crown chakra by releasing thought and bringing in purple, like these purple delphiniums.

What can I do to help myself in life?

You can bring the color of purple around you as you meditate. You can live in the moment, focusing on here and now, with love and awareness. You can surrender to something larger than yourself and find identification with All That Is. Your understanding of who you are becomes greater  and more inclusive as you move up the chakras, developing and opening each as you learn. Experience a sense of bliss as you open crown with purple.

How Can Purple Help Me?

Surrounding yourself with the color purple helps bring knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection and bliss.  Think of beautiful lilacs and purple delphiniums as you take breaths and be aware of your own awakening.

Purple Violets from I AM a Rainbow

Purple Violets from I AM a Rainbow

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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