Why are Chakras Important?

Did you know that chakra centers are related to specific body parts?  Have you been experiencing severe pain in one area of your body? Or have you been complaining of severe headaches for days now? You may be experiencing an imbalanced body chakra that needs to be addressed riRoseanne D'Erasmo Script reads her book I AM a Rainbowght away.

Chakras are our energetic centers where energy flows in our body. In cases where there is an imbalanced chakra, the flow of energy is disturbed or blocked and the energy can get trapped  and cannot enter the openings. When this happens, your sense of well-being is affected and you may even become ill. As a remedy, meditation can restore the normal flow of energy. By meditating on the chakra centers, you can re-energize and restore the normal flow of energy thereby restoring your health and promoting peace of mind. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you can try doing healing meditation, specifically chakra healing meditation to restore the flow.

Understanding your Chakra energy centers is so important to your health both mentally and physically. Imagine if the children of this generation better understood their own inner workings and could communicate their needs both to themselves and others around them?

My book, I AM A Rainbow is a first step into understanding our Chakras. Visit it at authorhouse.com or click on the book on this site. ‘Til the next time-Rosie

I AM a Rainbow book illustration of children and teacher walking with chakras glowing

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