Your Root Chakra

Let’s talk about red…

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Red is the color of your ROOT chakra, located at the base of your spine. It helps you feel grounded, rooted in survival or the will to live. It is an interesting chakra in that it spins downward. The areas of the body connected with the root are your spinal column, kidneys, adrenals, feet and legs. When healthy and well you will have a zest for life, be trusting and feel secure, supported and safe in the universe. The main lesson is that all is one. Sounds associated with the root are the drumming of drums and buzzing of bees.

On the other hand when feeling a lack in this area you will have fear and distrust, fatigue, poor concentration and a general feeling of loss of direction or purpose. The shadow is one of excluding others by having an attitude of superiority.

What can red mean in my energy field?
Well, actually, lots of things, which is why you work with someone such as an energy healer to help you sort it out. It can mean strong passions. A clear red can be anger moving about, whereas  dark red is stagnated anger. Red-orange is sensual passion and rose-red is love.

So, what can I do?
Of course, meditating on a beautiful red color, thinking of the red in our world like flowers, watermelons, tomatoes and sunsets will help you feel more grounded. While meditating about red colors, hold your hands over your root, with the intention of balance. Be still, sensing beyond the senses, knowing you are safe in the universe. Helping you stay grounded-’til the next time-Rosie

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