In the spirit of the Holidays and its beautiful use of red, I would like to share the many attributes of your root chakra, governed by the color of red.  I, myself, embraced red as I spent an afternoon at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens soaking in the powerful grounded feeling as we were surrounded by hundreds of red poinsettias. A vision of glorious red.

Embrace red with the beauty of poinsettias

Embrace red with the beauty of poinsettias

When you have a balanced root chakra, your life feels well supported. You feel grounded, safe, sure and peaceful.  Go down to the earth and sense your energy in your legs and your feet. You have stability when you are grounded. You build stability when you have a strong foundation.In addition your body responds to the natural world with your root chakra.

Honor your food, what you purchase and your means of livelihood, for this red chakra is the seat of security and survival. Ways you can bring energy to your beautiful red root is to play more, laugh more and move more. Sounds good to me!

How you sit has a lot to do with your energy flow to the root chakra. It is important to sit erect, but not rigid.  Keep your feet on the ground, without crossing your legs, chest lifted and full. In this way you will have a sense of your own center of gravity.  Focus on letting go of the excess and filling up with nourishment, just as tress do. You will feel more grounded in your everyday life as you work with correct posture.  Peace and gratitude to you this holiday season.

Enjoy more photos from my visit to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens.
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