Why Chakras?

chakra, meditationSo, why do you want to bring energy to your centers or chakras? What’s in it for you? Well, you will bring balance to your life, relationships and work.  You will have a sense of control over your own being and reactions to stress. Sound good? Well, it IS!

You can get started by putting your hands gently on each of the chakras and think of the color associated with it.  Started with red at the Root. Think of breathing in a beautiful shade of red and letting it move throughout your body.  Hold this idea and breathe for  a few minutes, thinking of things in nature that are red: red roses, red watermelon, red sunsets, red apples, juicy red strawberries,  Then move on up to the next chakra. Once you complete all seven chakras you are balanced and ready for the day! It should take you 15-25 minutes. Or if you want an easy transition:

Try my CD Flotations with Meditation which provides you with a full chakra meditation, complete in 24 minutes.  It helps you follow your breath and colors up the body.  Try it first thing in a.m., last in p.m.  at break  or lunch. It works!  You will feel balanced and more fully awakened to your own sense of being.  Even THAT helps you feel better, day by day.

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