Alternative Healing for Calming Kids

Why energy healing and why calming kids? Parents and kids can  help their lives move more smoothly as they get in touch with their inner selves. Most folks do not really know or understand energy healing. What actually is it?  I can speak from my own path and life mission.  For I am a teacher of children AND a teacher of adults. I am an energy healer,  practicing healing daily and sharing the techniques with others as part of my healing practice Buffalo Healing Therapies. So let me help you with some understandings.

Where does the energy come from? The healing energy comes from Source above and earth energy below (crystals and light from within the earth).  It moves through the healer and connects with the individual energy of the person receiving the healing. You actually decide as the receiver where the healing energy needs to go to help you the most.

From I AM Healer, the teacher compares the healer healing to the conductor.

From I AM Healer, the teacher compares the healer healing to the conductor.

The energy worker is the baton, the link, the connector.  The energy moves  where it is going to serve you the most.  So, if a child needs calming start with breath and move to a meditative state, focusing only on breath and perhaps some pretty music.  This is a minimum goal.   Now, relax and allow yourselves that most beautiful feeling of calm and peace.  This is alignment with the energy within, your center, your vortex.

If you are able to take a healing class or get in touch with a healer in your area, do that. You can find practitioners on the Healing Touch Certified Practitioner Directory website. It is a most wonderful experience.   Work with my book I AM Healer to learn how to activate your energy.  It is a beginning step to actually activating and feeling the energy around you.  The conversation becomes easy because the pictures and text really guide you. Have fun with it. Enjoy! ‘Till the next time-Rosie

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