Such natural joy!

Such natural joy!

Being the mother of two and educator of thousands I have had the pleasure of meeting and observing many loving and happy children. So what makes a happy and loving child? Somewhere in their wonderful existences these children have had experiences with being grateful.  When children observe an act of kindness, it needs to be discussed and complimented. Then the kids repeat a similar act because it FEELS SO GOOD not only to be loving but to also receive the praise.

happy Mom and daughter

Personally speaking, the comments from adults about my own children were,”They’re so kind,” or “They always are appreciative.” I truly think was because kindness and gratitude were being modeled in my home, not only through loving parents, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors.  I live in the city but it felt like Mayberry at times because of the kindness that surrounded our family.

As a teacher, I noticed when children shared or were loving towards another student.  There were those students who regularly looked out for the underdog, who stepped in when another was bullied or who confidently and politely  stood their ground when they knew they were right about an action, idea or friend.  What made each child act this way? How did they remain so happy? After meeting parents, and talking with other adults, I must conclude that there are two major reasons children remain lovingchildren being kind and happy, even when they may exist in conditions of poverty or lack.  When they know there is someone in their life who they truly trust, then they are free to talk about any problems with that person. Also, when there is an environment that fosters gratitude for the good, remaining positive and finding the special attributes in all people, children easily pick up on it because it is their true nature.

So, let’s keep raising loving and happy  children of higher consciousness.  Let’s enjoy every minute with our lovely little ones and continue to model kindness and gratitude at every opportunity.  ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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