I am so impressed with the number of new clients who are truly part of an awakening to energy healing these days on our beautiful planet.

Healing energy example of children There is no age bracket. People come from teens to octogenarians. Awakening to new concepts about energy can happen any time in life and I am happy to be a beacon of light to help guide the way.

How enjoyable it is to see the faces and feel the lighter energy after a healing! How delightful it is to speak at an event for stroke patients and see their faces light up as they “feel” their first “energy ball”… a paradigm shift right before my eyes!

So what does it take to create awakening oneself to energetic healing work?  Usually an event.  Sometimes it takes a crisis whether it is in health, emotions or thought to bring energy to consciousness. Other times one experiences an inner drive or push to learn more once the concept is introduced.   You all come to me with a unique and special story and a request to become a more improved version of yourself whether mind, body or spirit. For me, personally, it was to help my Dad feel better as he was facing open-heart surgery. It just happened naturally and there was no going back. Visit “my story” on www. buffalohealingtherapies.com and see what you think.  I love sharing these events with you as they truly shaped the remainder of my life as energy worker. Till the next time-Rosie

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