Jumping for joy

Jumping for joySometimes we are lucky and have a happy ending.  Like “my dog survived his trauma”  (which he did-yeah!!!) or “my lover left, but I met somebody new” which is an opportunity for a new beginning!  For those of us who look at the stars, Jupiter has moved into Libra which means Mr. Happy has combined with Miss Love.  Wow! If you notice a change it will probably work out to your benefit. It’s all about growth and beauty. Now listen, I am not an astrologer but I know when something comes up that is great to share and this is one of those times.

So, remember I said to “ride the storm” or “fall, and know it will be over fast’? Well now you can remain in your happy place, knowing that nothing  and no one can really (I mean really) take you away (unless it is Calgon, of course…teehee. ) Decide to remain calm in the face of others’ problems.  Find the sunshine in a storm and when surrounded by anger, get away from it and focus on your FUN.

I noticed as a Healer, or energy worker (I prefer), that when I suggest to my clients to find their joy or their “happy” place that they often have trouble.   My recommendation is to look into your mind to find images of an actual happy time you experienced or a location that you have been to that brings back a happy memory.  Allow yourself to focus not that moment, that time in your life and get in touch with the FEELING you have. Happy? Joyful? Peaceful? Exuberant?  All are close to the same vibration.  Know that it is all about vibration and that as you control your own positivity, more will come your way! ‘Til the next time, Rosie.