Roseanne Script Buffalo, NYSpring into action with forward motion! Increase your momentum! How do I do this when I am feeling in a funk you ask? Well, first of all, forgive yourself for your funk-it happens and usually with good reason. However, STOP focusing on that and think about something, ANYTHING, that floats your boat.  Something FUN, that is EASY for you to think about.  Perhaps you have a favorite animal, baby, painting, meal, color. Something simple and delightful. Hook into that FEELING and the momentum around it.

That is how you get going.  Once you focus on the FEELING, the momentum around that feeling starts building and the next good feeling occurs.  Believe it folks, it IS about feeling good!

So, now you feel a bit better and you start to think about what was troubling you – what happens? You slip back…so STOP and switch gears within 17 seconds and go to the sweet thought. NOW, go FORWARD. What is your goal (small one…) What  do you SEE yourself moving towards (do NOT worry about the HOW-just get clarified in the  WHAT ).  Now, how does it FEEL when you are there? What does that forward movement feel like?

Yes!  You are “unstuck.” Yeah! you DID it. Now keep up this formula and watch what is ready for you be unveiled right before your eyes.  The more you STAY in the happy vibration, the more the momentum keeps going.

For yes, folks, we ARE what we create!

‘Til the next time


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