Friends, family and clients enter my home on a regular basis and the comment upon the peace they feel upon entering.  I am so happy that peace and harmony have become part of my way of reflecting back to the world.

I am reminded of the magnolia flower, one of my favorite.  It only blooms for a few weeks, and is representative of peace and harmony. The flower itself  is fragile, pink and white and one of the prettiest flowers in the universe.  We are reminded to look at the fragile and delicate aspects of our lives.

Magnolia-plant for happiness

The magnolia makes me feel at peace with the world.  The symbology is that you can recover what has been lost, perhaps faith or a belief system or  ideas.  Most important of all the ideas and beliefs we have are the beliefs about ourselves.  We may carry thoughts and feelings that have been projected upon us by others. This is not OK.  In order to have peace, it is necessary to have peace within.  We do that by examining our own belief systems.  Much of how we act and what we THINK is true is simply because someone in our core group told us it was true. We trust our group, our family, our religious upbringing, our education.

As young teens and moving into adulthood we start to examine those systems and see what FEELS right for us.  And therein folks, lies the key.  We have inner guidance to help us with that feeling.  When we follow that, we often are led to a new, clearer understanding that perhaps has even brought you to the idea of Energy Healing and now you are here with me, right here, right now, thinking about peace.  So, my friends, walk in peace as you learn more about yourselves.  Be happy and know that you can recover that which may have been lost in you.

Till the next time.

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