Moving forward, onward and upwards, jsut like a hiker

Moving forward, onward and upwards, jsut like a hiker

Sometimes we think we are stuck and that moving forward seems impossible.It truly is all about perspective and the miracle is figuring out how to shift.   You are truly never stuck (though I GET that it feels that way sometimes) AND you have the gift (ACTUALLY ) of clearly seeing what it is you do NOT want so you can see where to go next (what you DO want).  Just the thought of going forward is a beginning. It is when you go deep inside (mediation helps) and ask for an idea. A step… then the trick is to take baby steps forward.  Remember the old saying (I like those), ” Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

Okay- that’s a LOT in one paragraph-but how does it actually work? Well, the whole thing starts with a glimmer of a thought -that is the shard of light that has you glowing.  Next, the thought grows, because certainly it will be better than where you are sitting now.  That’s when you start to FEEL just a tad of inspiration or hope.  NOW comes the forward motion.  Because you have kicked in a POSITIVE FEELING you can move in that direction. Yeah! It is one step at a time.  Only move forward with what feels comfortable and doable. Then it starts-momentum. If you plunge into anything too deeply, it will  You will be moving in the right direction, inspired by Divine thought and Divine Action. Yeah! There you go, onward and upward.

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‘Til the next time-Rosie

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