Let’s talk about stress.  Stress has a great impact on our brains and bodies.  It has a myriad of causes, but the good news is, once we identify the triggers, we can modulate the effects of stress for ourselves and our children. Causes can stem from overstimulation, over-scheduling, lack of sleep, dietary influences, change, moving, loss, and illness to simply having a bad day.

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What actually happens when we feel stress? Well, our brains go on overload and tell the adrenal glands to start producing a chemical called cortisol which actually makes us feel ill. Brain cells can shrink (R.D.Romeo) and we can feel emotionally unstable.

Fortunately, we can develop a set of tools to help manage stress.  First, look at what is happening in life. Make some tough scheduling decisions to ease the strain on your lives.  TALK together to

People Dancing at a Discothequesee what are other issues underlying the stress. Exercise together, like bike riding, walking, taking a run in the park, play ball, build a snowman.  Have fun! Play!

Make sure you all are getting plenty of sleep.  This is a good time to include quiet music to help relaxation.  You may choose this time to start a meditation practice.  I recommend beginning, middle or enRelax and meditate while opening your energy centersd of the day (LOL). Whenever you can fit it in is fine.  Set your intention ” to relax and rest” before bed and it will help you clear your mind.

‘Til the next time,Rosie

Relax and meditate while opening your energy centers.