Roseanne Script Buffalo, NY
Expression of JOY

Expression of JOY

It occurs to me that many folks out there are looking for joy, yet haven’t the faintest idea of what that means or how to activate it. As people come to me for healings, one of the suggestions I may make is that they find their joy and bring it upon themselves more frequently. Well, what does THAT mean, they ask. So, we explore what joy actually is.

The interesting thing is that joy is many things to many people, yet has a common thread. One of love, beauty, fun, compassion, sharing, helping, accomplishment, caring-all those attributes that seem elusive yet are within us all along.

Is it the laughter of children?flowers

Such natural joy!

The beauty of a flower?

A day by the ocean?

So beautiful!

Feeling joy!

Being with friends?

Or the unbounded expression that comes when one has accomplished a task or received news of a much anticipated visit? For, indeed, joy is many things to many folks. But what helps us connect with that joy, that inner awareness, that peace? Well, once again, I recommend meditation. It seems to be the key to unlocking the door within, the door to our own realization of our individual goals, passions, joys, and desires.

So, my friends, relax, meditate and go within. Find that peaceful spot and your joys will become apparent.  See the beauty in the moment and opportunities in the challenges. Give to others,and you will be amazed how uplifting that feels. Look at how you can help and so much will open up to you.

Peace and love,’Til the next time,  Rosie