Thanksgiving is  the time of year we purposefully and consciously reflect on our lives with gratitude. Of course, I look with gratitude on family and friends especially as a new soul, Evelyn , joins us.  There are so many troubles in our world right now, that we have to pull back to be in alignment with gratitude, perhaps leaning towards the simplicity of the moment, the joy of children, the crisp autumn air and the ability we have to see, experience think and feel the beauty of the day, the smiles of friends and accomplishments in life. So much is our own attitude about our life

Yes, I suggest that gratitude is about perspective. Marianne Williamson reminds us of the miracle in the shift of perspective.  I have seen these kinds of perspective shifts on my Healing Table and simply marvel at the wonderful work of my client.  AND these shifts can occur, starting with thought, then feeling and watch things change!

Sarah Van Breathnach encourages a gratitude journal, that includes 5 things we are grateful for daily to help us shift up. I started this a few years ago and as I pulled it out, I realized that  it was those simple things that I often returned to that made me happy.  Esther and Jerry Hicks  suggest a gratitude rampage as a way to shift thinking from a slump to a super positive outlook.  It is such fun to let your thoughts jump from one to another and focus only on things that bring you happiness and joy.  You really do shift!

Gratitude is our highest prayer, whether we are grateful for children’s laughter, our beloved pets, our loved ones or having the necessities in life, it is a prayer that brings much joy to ourselves and others as we share it.

 So let us be grateful. Share our gratitude and have a FANTASTIC time doing it. Peace and love to you all.