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Bookmark of chakras to help you know the name, color and location


It has occurred to me that there are vocabulary terms used in energy healing that may be new to my readers. First, let’s review chakras. A chakra is an energy point in the human biofield, or energy around each person. There are seven major chakras, each having a color, location in the body, attributes, gemstones, oils and essences as well as food that contribute to your energetic well-being (which contributes to your physical well-being).  The vocabulary word chakra is Sanskrit in origin and means disk, or wheel. Chakras are cone-shaped and spin out from the front and back of the body.


Human Energy Field

sample of auric field

Now, let’s talk about the vocabulary term, auric field. It is also called your quantum field or human biofield. Your auric field is comprised of seven main layers, each corresponding to a chakra, emotions and body parts. All that has happened to you in life is stored there. You may release and balance both the chakras and auric field through healing, mediation and clearing. Healing is the process of altering mind, body and emotional and spiritual health positively.  The field has many colors and some clairvoyant healers are able to see those colors around you, thus they may use the vocabulary term aura.


Another vocabulary term you may come across is life essence. Your life essence is referred to as Ki, Chi, Prana, Qi, Universal Source, Life Energy or Orgone. It is the aspect of  YOURSELF that exists across time, before and after life. Your life energy is influenced by your environment, thoughts, actions and the actions of others.

There are many more vocabulary terms, but this is a good start. You can learn more through my books and stay tuned to my blog updates.

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