Kids costumes

Kids costumesWhat do kids, costumes and meditation have in common you ask? WELL, it’s all about change. Kids change into something different, whether it is something that is like them or something they are NOT. A costume is a new face that they put on for FUN and enjoyment, especially at this time of year.

So, what do we do when we meditate? We slow things down. Yep, we CHANGE from our busy life, our daily busy-ness, our hectic schedule and we bring in a moment (or two) to breathe, to become calmer, to go within and notice the quiet, the breath, our inner voice. Our children can do this with us. They can change from their busy day, slow things down and practice breath and go within. You would be delighted to see how insightful your kids can be when they start meditating with you. They start to bring about a change in their own worlds and become more comfortable as they change their costumes, or roles in everyday life and YOU can HELP them. Costumes are fun

Baby Evelyn in a Leopard CostumeSo, let’s look at our own costumes in life. Let’s have our kids look at theirs. We can find some particularly FUN costumes and help our kids see when things are good timing and other times when they are not. We can help them understand the change in the roles that they have as well as the different roles we all have.

Have some fun with it. Look at change with a sense of costuming.

‘Til the next time. -Rosie

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