Healing Touch for Children

Healing Touch for ChildrenToday I was asked if healing would help a friend’s family member with epilepsy. That is a really good question. The answer is that healing helps with the intention that you set together with your client. So YES, Healing Touch does help. But how does healing work, they ask? Well, my answer was that first the client sits and sets an intention with me, after an inventory that we complete together, as in every Healing Touch session.

Then, I check in with their chakra and auric body. I put it all together and we come up with a mutual intention for the healing. The next forty five minutes is spent on using my practiced skill to assist the client. I select from a variety of energy strategies and select one that I intuit would be the most beneficial. The client rests, I play lovely, peaceful music and complete the healing treatment.

Honestly,the energy goes where it is most needed. The truth of the matter is that I am not a therapist, nutritionist, scholar or doctor. I am an energy worker who sets the intention with you and always adds “for your highest good”. I am not in charge. Your highest energy is and I help activate it and give you a wonderful boost. I am the catalyst, the plug, the connection. Admittedly, I have had years of training and am sensitive to your energetic needs, which allows the healing to be the best it can be for your highest good.

‘Til the next time. -Rosie

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