The Heart, the Fourth Chakra, Go Green


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The heart chakra or fourth energy center

Especially in the month of love, let us look at the heart chakra with its color of green. It is the center of love and healing . Physically , the fourth chakra controls the area of heart, lungs, chest, arms, thymus and circulatory system. It is the center of love.  If you have imbalances, you can activate and clear your heart chakra to promote balance and healing.


I thought the heart  color was red!

No . Red is the color of your root or base. Please read more about red on my blog BUT you may also focus on the color pink which is the color of love.


What is an imbalance?

An imbalance can be a pain in any of the areas, a chest or heart problem or weakness in hand or arms. It also could be heartache as in an emotional separation or loss.


How can I help myself? 

A healthy fourth chakra is present when a person has a deep centeredness, peace and compassion,  an overall sense of well-being and knowledge that we are lovable and capable. You can activate your heart chakra by placing your hand on your heart, focusing on the color green with the intention of balancing and clearing. Bring the color green to mind,  thinking of grasses, leaves, sea foam ponds and fields of green. Take full breaths 4 counts  in, 4 counts out; slow, even, regular breaths.  Sit quietly as you breathe allowing thought to pass through-focusing only in breath . You may choose to have quiet melodious music playing in the  background. Feel the warmth of your energy as you activate your field.


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