I went to a presentation by Shad Diamond called “Dissolving Into Love”  and left feeling all warm and fuzzy and kind of melty.  So what does it mean:  “dissolving into love”  and when will you use it? Basically it means that there is STUFF that happens to ALL of us, (really that is true ) AND that it is all about HOW we REACT to that stuff.   It is actually a sign to US that something about us or our relationship with our inner being needs to be examined.  So, we have things that push our buttons. What to do? Well, take a breath, count to ten, breathe deeply, exhale .

The idea is to STOP the thought pattern, and instead think “I am dissolving into love.” This actually causes a shift in the auric fields of the players, NOT because anything has changed within them, but because you have brought the change and the other parties have the opportunity to choose to feel it. It is YOUR calm, YOUR peace that they will feel.

So how do we dissolve into love? We relax, move into non-thinking, allowing the feeling of warmth to embrace us, becoming still, relaxing thought again, going even deeper into the feeling, existing in timelessness for a bit, then returning our energy and engaging our minds as we will feel the drama release.

The idea is to keep it simple. Do not make it complicated. Remember, it is all about the feeling (it is ALWAYS about the feeling).  It is how you can change habits and set yourself up to win.  Understand that your Divine Core holds higher wisdom and you get to “touch that level of magic you hold within .” (Shad Diamond)

For now you will make decisions through the eyes of love, rather than through the eyes of drama.  It is one of the biggest gifts you can give to the body…turn off your mind. You can dissolve into love with your family and friends.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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