I was walking my dog today and while I walked the neighborhood I was thinking about what makes me feel happy.  A lot has been written about happiness.  Happiness Now by Robert Holden   calls us to be focused on the now and live in appreciation.  He reminds us that when we are truly happy we are being our true SELVES. So that’s enough right there to talk about.

My grand baby EvelynHmm. My true self REALLY loves the experience of having a baby granddaughter who is learning language and says the most adorable words, expression, phrases. This indeed makes me happy.  I truly am happy as I bake Christmas cookies for the season with the express purpose of sharing them with my friends and family.  Not only is it fun to bake these delicacies, but I do my share of taste testing and give in to the few extra pounds that may creep on.  The overall feeling is one of sharing, giving, yes-loving.  For being happy is congruent with love.

Love, being happy, centering-all connected with the idea of being in alignment with that which is truly YOU-your wholeness, goodness, source. Yep, that’s it. So, whether it is the baby, a puppy, cooking, sharing and laughing with others, WHATEVER it is for YOU-go there. Be happy. And more will come your way.

Happy Holidays! ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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