Synchronicity in life is so very interesting. I had a very challenging dental procedure done today. While I was in the chair receiving several shots of novocaine, the song “Rosanna” came through the radio system. I started to laugh.  First of all, it is Xmas season and everyone is pretty much set up with Holiday music.

Secondly, how many songs actually come close to being my name?  (Roseanne, if you haven’t been paying attention,LOL) AND what are the chances that this particular song would be playing while I needed a bit of a boost? Synchronicity.  Memories of people singing “Rosanna, Rosanna” to me while in various stages of “play” (it was a playful time of life), flooded my consciousness so I no longer was focused on the needle, the drilling, the poking, the prodding.

Synchronicity… so what is it anyway? For me, it is when something perhaps unexpected lines up with you and it is delightfully exactly what you need at that moment. To me, it is also spirit at work. It is the work of our creations, co-creating with Source.  It is the affirmation of us being lined up with who we really are.