How to Make an Energy Ball

Absolutely one of my FAVORITE things to do with people is to create an energy ball. This is a great way to feel your own energy.  It is so much fun.  You can follow these steps and then click on the video and see how Joey and Marissa felt their energy in I AM Healer

The Energy Ball: First, keep your feet on the ground and don’t cross anything-arms, fingers, knees or ankles.  Next, get yourselves centered using centering and balancing technique described in my other blogs or in I AM Healer.

Now, rub your hands together for about two minute and notice of course that they get warm from the friction. But the next part is the COOLEST!

Once you feel that friction, pull them apart, but NO NOT TOUCH! You may want to close your eyes to “get out of your head and into your heart-mindedness”.

Energy Ball - Healing Hands

NOTICE what you sense. Push and pull your hands back and forth but once again DO NOT TOUCH. Allow your hands to slide over one another and notice the difference. Put some words to it. Cup your hands together like a ball, an energy ball! an energy ball

I will not give you the words, because each person is unique, but wonderful descriptions come form each of my many classes.  See what Joey and Marissa have to say in the clip below and in my book I AM Healer. 

‘Til the Next Time -Rosie

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