Make Peace with What is

Thoughts about Peace from Rosie, assisted by ideas from the teachings of Esther and Abraham Hicks.

If you want to be at peace, especially if you were alarmed by our election results, you need to move away from fear.  Fear only keeps attracting EXACTLY what you don’t want. You are not looking at the good, you’re looking at the absence of what is good or looking at ” good ” in opposition.

Rather, BE for yourself.  Look at the good in your life.  Move in that direction with others as you continue to find the good.  Remember to find peace by turning away from that thought that kept you out of alignment. Cling to the reality of positivity. Make peace with where you are by allowing yourself to be where you are. Hey, I will feel good right now no matter what.  No matter the election results, my chubby body or my silly hair or finances.  Rather, I will feel good about my ability to live and think FOR myself, my ability to shift my thinking, to keep focused, to remain in my “happy”, to find the good in any situation,

You will figure out that by being at peace with who you are, then everything you ever asked about will start coming your way.  Stay in your peace and feel what it  is to have no conditions on yourself or others.  The path is always lit up, the question is, where are you looking? And if something happens that is a bit off track, recognize it for just that-a blip, make peace with it, laugh and know that things will be righted in a short time.

Remember, it is not yours to determine how, but to stay in the process of “allowing” and bask in the results. Be happy, clarity will come. Peace will be yours. Its the way it works!

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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