I am in Charge of How I Feel

So what does this mean? If I have trouble, I should DO something about it, right? I should FIX it or talk about it or try to find people to help me. Nope. I know this is contrary to the common way of thinking but try this on and see if it fits.  What the absolutely BEST thing to do is ASK for a solution and stand with an expectation of an answer, seek happiness and remain in the vibration of allowing.

So what does THAT mean? Well, I will give an example. Perhaps you are in a relationship with a loved one and you have a disagreement and they detach.  What you need to do is surround that person with loving green light and ask the universe or Source energy for resolution. Then you pull back and let your higher being set it up as solved. Pull away,  then work on your own vibration, for after all, it is ALL about vibration.  You simply are not in alignment with your loved one at that time.  Ask that it works out for your highest good and the highest good of others.   It will.

Now stand FIRM in your OWN happiness. You will be in “allowing”.  It is about energy and FEELINGS first.  That beautiful (or maybe just cute…) loved one is NOT the reason for your happiness. YOU are…

Yes, folks YOU are in charge of  your own happiness.   Then when you stay in THAT VIBE you will draw more to you and the solution arrives that is perhaps better than one you could have created by meddling in your own affairs (HA!).

crystal, rainbow world, I AM a RainbowAt the risk of being told I am in a “Rainbow World” I do need to tell you that by living on the upswing you will continue draw that to you.Positive vibes beget more positive solutions.

So, dear readers, stay in your happiness. It is the way problems get solved.  It may seem contrary to how you actually FEEL about the relationship or event that needs solving, but it will bring you the best results in the quickest manner.  If you cannot get to a point of happiness because you are focusing on the event, SWITCH your focus to something, ANYTHING that delights you.  It may be your dog or a color or a painting or a baby or flowers. Find it and stay with it to help you remain in alignment and then pull back and allow the solution to come. Keep your fingers out , say the angels and let them and your higher self create the solution!

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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