OnionHow does growth occur in our lives? The growth I am talking about is of an emotional or spiritual nature.  We all have things that seem to “happen” to us in life.  We then have an opportunity to react.  “Aha!” THIS is where the growth occurs.  At THAT moment-the moment of reaction, YOU have a choice to make.  You can choose how you react to the occurrence.  Think about it.  What you do next will influence the reactions of the other folks around you or perhaps EVEN the next thing that happens in the event.

One of the most challenging areas in life is one of acceptance.  Let’s say your best relationship in life has come to an end…that the person you dearly care for has said they are “DONE” and it is clear that they no longer choose to put energy into your time together.

What if nothing is wrongBe honest…perhaps you have been thinking the same thing all along and their pronouncement, no matter HOW it occurred, is actually a reflection of how YOU have been feeling.  Aha, a growth opportunity.

So now, the next step is to accept it. Stand in a position of allowing the flow to go downstream, enjoying the moments that the universe has set up for you that have brought clarity. Look at the good along the way and be clearer about your desires.  Stand in gratitude for that occurrence because it certainly showed you what you do not want so you can be clear about what you DO want.  Accept its lesson and stand ready for the next step!

WaterfallThe alternative would to go down kicking and screaming, which in turn would set off more fireworks from your loved one and the chain reaction would keep going until someone in each of your lives (or you yourselves) stopped it-slowed it down, took a breath, found the clarity and was able to help you accept with gratitude. Yep , that is how we have growth.

Wishing you clarity in your lives.

‘Til the next time, Rosie.

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