You see, as we swim we MUST provide some resistance in order to move forward. But, it has to be just the right amount of resistance. Otherwise we would be splashing all about.  On the same note, we have to give in and go with the flow of the water. We allow the buoyancy of the water to hold us, just like our energy is held by source energy.

As we move with the flow of our lives, things simply go better when we meditate, relax, and chill at some point every day. Everything flows better. We seem to be in sync with the daily rhythms of life. Likewise, as we stay connected to our Source, NO MATTER WHAT, we remain happy. We are feeling supported and loved and able to tackle any problem or concern we have.  We REALIZE that it is simply part of the resistance that will help bring clarity to us.

Once we learn rhythmic breathing, we are in a simple breathing pattern that allows us to move forward without struggle.  We have to move our arms and cup our hands to provide forward movement, or resistance in the water. The water holds us, if we relax and let it carry our weight.  Pushing against it may cause us to be in the struggle too long and fall into the fear that we may lose our support.

And such is life.  That which we push against becomes grander in our life, causing more struggle.  So it is best to roll with things when you get stuck, go with the flow, let the universe hold you in its palm and enjoy the learnings.

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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