conference room

OOO hah! It’s done. I have  totally completed my “lower level renovation” that includes a  conference room, small kitchen area, book selections and a calm healing area. Have you ever had something you were working on FOR YEARS and it just wasn’t done and then you DID IT? Well that is how I feel right now. There is such a sense of exultation, excitement, rejuvenation, and renewal. Frankly I am quite happy. I now have a place to provide energy healings AND teach healing classes all within my lovely home!

And look at my healing area!  It is complete with diffuser, CD’s, pendulums, research books, blankets, pillows, my healing table, salt lamp, waterfall and crystals!

So what actually inspired me from patience to action? Well, I decided that my business as healer had great value to me and others  and was worth the time, energy and finances. One of our lessons on Earth is to be at peace with who we are, to have comfort with our skills and to stand in our own power.  This wonderful creation was truly the result of thought to form.  I remained positive and optimistic in the face of many trials until my healing center was manifested.  Such joy and sense of fulfillment is filling my every day as you come for healings and classes.  You were my inspiration, as you shared results of healings and changes in your world.  Thank you and join me at Buffalo Healing Therapies Center if you are in town. ‘Til the next time-Rosie

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