The Importance of Centering & Balancing

Why do we get balanced you ask? So what? What if I just want to get right into a healing or into my day and skip this part. DON”T!

Centering or hat is often called balancing is just THAT. You feel more centered, grounded, balanced when you do it.   The energy flows more easily through you .   For, after all YOU  are a TOOL.  Energy is all around and within in.  We want to attract the energy that is POSITIVE, therefore we want to be clear and POSITIVE as energy workers. It is simply the first step and a NECESSARY step to healing.  It is that simple  So, breather, focus on beauty and love, let go of your “yucks’ of the day and center. Watch the video above for Joey and Marissa’s lesson in centering in I AM Healer.

’til the next time-Rosie

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