What does “Let it go” really mean? Is it allowing our talents to shine ? Or is it allowing the things we no longer need to flow out of our lives.  Or perhaps both? As we come to a new year it is time for us to look at what we DO need and switch our focus away from the things that no longer serve us.

I have a lovely 2 year old granddaughter who is enamored with Frozen’s  Elsa as she sings “Let it Go”.  I think about the internal message that is given to our children, of course,  acknowledging that the tune can stand alone in entertainment value. The message is one of allowing yourself to stay in your own power, recognizing your own strengths, now matter how different they may be from anyone else.  I watch as my little darling is mesmerized by the magic of the song and the various youtube versions.  She likes one with a REAL Elsa.  My precious darling has only had educational music and we have not even brought in Sesame Street yet, but she has latched onto this song and is completely smitten.

We are such accomplished individuals and sometimes forget how beautiful strengths are. The message is  one of allowing, allowing yourself to accept the greatness of who you are.  Of course, Elsa accepts her own power to create and then shares the beauty with the world, allowing the world to see her for who she truly is.  It is about the ability to stand in your own strength and know who you are.

Today’s world sometimes leaves us in a quandary when thinking about our own contributions.  Yet, each of us has a beautiful core ability that will add value to our own life and the lives of others.  It is following that tickle of an idea that won’t go away; having the confidence to see things differently and be comfortable with our own skill;  being pleased with our uniqueness and allowing our talents to be seen.

So, have fun folks as you look at your gift and “Let it Go”!

‘Til the next time-Rosie

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