People have often made the comment to me, “Wait til you see Ireland. It is the essence of spirituality!” So, of course as I was about to embark on my carefully planned and much awaited trip, I had the thought of spirituality in my mind, wondering about the impact the Emerald Isle may have on my own light being.

It did not disappoint.  I suppose if you go anywhere, or even if you are in your own backyard as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz reminds us, it is your perspective that guides the way.Yet, when faced with the grandeur of the land as in the Giant’s Cause way…

or Cliff’s of Mohr…

Adare Church in Ireland from Roseann Script's vactionOne can only be spiritually guided by the breathtaking view of our lovely planet. And it was Ireland, the land of my Mom’s family, both sides having arrived during the potato famine. There was another lovely place that actually DID call to me.   It was called Adare and was the place where more weddings take place in Ireland that any other. As I entered a small church (there are many churches in Ireland), I felt the familiar chills on my arms and up and down my spine, that I feel when something energetic is happening.

I looked around and was privy to a mass being held, but it was not the praying, but the essence of the area that was imposing itself on me.  Ahhhh…spirituality… that connection with All That Is, Source Energy and ME.  It was though I had been there before. Could it be my upbringing? Maybe.  Was it my ancestors nudging me? Possibly.  Was it something in my blood? Perhaps.  I guess we never know the true answer other than ,”Wow, that was amazing,” and “Oh I felt so tingly!”

In my book, I AM a Rainbow, I worked with my illustrator, Lowell Hildebrandt, to create watercolor images of beautiful scenes of our earth and I related it all to our chakras.  I can only say that the experience in Ireland added so much to my reservoir of what can be created, and it was in my actual experience-aren’t I lucky.

So, Til the next time, counting my many blessings, Rosie

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