Baby Evelyn in a Leopard Costume

As I gaze into my baby granddaughter’s eyes, I reflect on the similarities of birth and the renewal of spirituality in the world.  Both require a certain amount of labor, the labor of spirituality often lies in the commitment to reading and educating oneself on new

Roseanne is using Hands in Motion to remove energetic debris in client's field.

Roseanne is using Hands in Motion to remove energetic debris in client’s field. To learn more about Roseanne’s healing practice visit Buffalo Healing Therapies.

I am often questioned about a religious aspect of energy healing.  It is not connected with any religion, but instead with the innate knowledge that we are all made of energy (as is all of creation) and the unique knowledge that we can easily use this energy to help ourselves feel better.  Now this may be called a journey in spirituality in that many recognize the energy around us as part of spirit. And I agree in that aspect. It also could be called a journey within, as we go within ourselves to ground and center for each healing, also centering and grounding our clients. Once again, I concur. Or it could be called a rebirth as we are connecting with a part of ourselves that was always there, but maybe we just weren’t aware of.  Yes, definitely!  And once you meet that part, folks, you have a paradigm shift into the profound and beautiful world of energy work. Welcome!

Til the next time-Rosie