Feeling Empowered reaching for new beginnings for spring

Reach for new beginnings in your life

New beginnings! It is Springtime and we all naturally look at the newness of life.   We see the changes around us, the beginnings of flora and fauna, the emergence  of new animals as ” love ” is in the air.  We look within and find the excitement of starting a relationship anew or a new job or a new way of looking at the job we are doing.

There are  many ways to approach new beginnings that do not involve a move or a new career, but rather a look inside and within to move to new heights of awareness.  For indeed, we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical life on Earth and we are able to create something fresh through our thoughts, feelings and then paying attention (or not) and allowing in.

So, what are your beginnings?  We could all look at our roots, but then we could also look at an event that brought about spiritual consciousness.  I suggest that the spiritual beginnings are what we are all about and that the manifestations of your new beginnings will come through your own internal connection with eternal energy.

How? Through meditation, reflection, acknowledging positive aspects of a person or situation daily, looking at nature and finding the beauty of the sprouting buds and warmth of the sunshine; having fun and focusing all that is joyous rather than all that brings you down.  Sometimes things do not work out like we think they will.  What do we say? Ah, how this new beginning transformed  is most interesting.  Thanks for the opportunity to look at it with new eyes.  That’s it.  Leave it alone and do not dwell further as your attention to the rough spots will hold you there.

May you enjoy your new beginnings and allow them to sprout into your true desires.

‘Til the next time-Rosie